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Best summer looks? Most unflattering dresses? All your top 10s here.

Fashion tribute to style and music icon, Prince

The devastating news of the death of music legend, Prince, who died at the age of 57 on Thursday, April 21, broke the hearts...

Top 10 looks from Versace spring 2016

The Versace Spring 2016 collection is a well-rounded wardrobe for the active woman who seizes the day with a firm grip. Patchwork cuts, slashes and animal prints provide the trademark Versace fierceness, as do Versace's fav colors of fuchsia, green and black.

Top 10 Nicole Richie street style moments

Anyone can achieve red carpet success with a stylist, but it takes natural finesse to make scarfs popular in the summer and bug eye...
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Top 10 looks from ‘Man Repeller’ Leandra Medine

If there's one thing that blogger and street-style star Leandra Medine is known for, it's her off-the-wall brand of kooky but high-end style. Medine, the...
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Top 10 water-based makeup products

Water is an essential key in life and in some cases H2O can also be the key to beauty. Why are water-based makeup products the...

5 hand creams to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day!

Whether your mom tirelessly washes the dishes or she works with her hands a lot on her latest pottery hobby, there's no doubt she...

Top 10 best looks of Viola Davis

Viola Davis, the How to Get Away With Murder star, has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Actress in...
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How to plan your wedding inspired by ‘The Notebook’

It's been over a decade since The Notebook came out, but it's definitely overlooked as a wedding theme. The film, based on a novel by...

Top 10 looks from S=YZ spring 2016

The S=YZ Spring 2016 collection was a mixture of contrasting styles and textures that focused on comfort. Sport chic styles and preppy styles dominated the collection.

Top 10 looks at Kanpai Night Japan party at Cannes

The most powerful entertainment executives and actors in the Japanese film industry looked crisp and clean at the Cannes Film Festival “Kanpai Night” party...

Top 10 Prada 2016 fall runway looks

If Harley Quinn walked the runway in brocade splendor, Prada would be it. The playful corsets and the argyle tights add to the fall...

Top 10 Classic Olsen Photos

Chances are you've watched reruns of Full House, imagined perusing through Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's closets, purchased the Olsen's book Influence, or ran out...