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Smart Beauty Products Begin Sales In 2017

The CES Innovation Awards 2017 celebrated the most innovative inventions in the tech field and for the first time smart beauty gained the spotlight. 'Smart...

Succulents become new beauty trend

Succulents, already one of the easiest plants to care for, are making a name for themselves in beauty. Succulent Hair According to Bustle, this new beauty trend...

Sophie Turner does not look like Sansa Stark anymore

Sophie Turner went from a redhead to bleach blonde in an Instagram photo, and the reaction is mixed. The 20-year-old plays Sansa Stark in the...

Take note of this ‘Suicide Squad’ hair dye collection!

We're less than a month from Harley Quinn's from the premiere of Suicide Squad, and Harley Quinn's complete takeover. But don't get comfortable. Get your...

The 4-letter word you don’t want to hear – LICE!

Warm weather breeds all sorts of insects, and we are trained to protect against most. But what happens when you get the call from...
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The Match-Up subscription April unboxing review

The Match-Up by eSalon is a monthly subscription service that sends you salon-quality hair care, styling, brow and accessory items. You can get any...