Can’t believe they wore this: Terrifying looks from the past

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The trends of today often stem from bygone eras. We get A-line skirts from the ‘50s, fringe from the ‘70s, and crop tops from the early 2000s. Vintage and retro looks recur in contemporary fashion: look at high-waisted shorts, bell-bottomed pants, vibrant ‘60s-inspired fabrics and floral ‘50s-nostalgic patterns. Sometimes fun looks from other eras are so flattering they never go out of style!

However, there are some pretty terrifying looks from each time period’s fashion realm. From smock frocks in the ‘60s to excessive shoulder pads in the ‘80s, there are plenty of ensembles you won’t believe people actually wore. All of these styles are not high-fashion but widespread, coming from popular magazines and a whole collection of celebrities. Let’s take a look at some of the most jaw-dropping outfits from each decade:

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