Britney Spears wins in the fragrance industry

Can Britney retire and just be a perfume connoisseur?

Have you ever wondered why Britney Spears puts so much effort in product placement of her perfumes in her music videos?

From “Circus” to “Work B**ch,” you don’t really have to look hard to spot the pop star’s fragrances in her music videos.

Apparently, the work has paid off, as reports that the pop star’s fragrances have overall done better than other celebrity perfumes in the market.

The 34-year-old mother of two, who partners with Elizabeth Arden for the fragrances, recently released Private Show, her 20th scent in her perfume empire.

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The difference between Britney’s scents and other celebrities’ fragrances? “They usually went up like a rocket and did really well at launch, but they had a hard time sustaining customers,” Parlux’s president, Don Loftus, said.

Parlux has monitored the fragrance business, from the likes of Jay-Z to Paris Hilton.

However, Britney’s first fragrance, Curious, changed the celebrity fragrance game in 2004.

The fragrance not only appealed to women but young women, especially those who didn’t wear scents. According to market research at The NPD Group, 81 percent knew about Britney’s perfume when it was released.

In terms of branding, that’s as much awareness as young women shopping at places like Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.

Looking at Britney’s top-selling fragrance, reports show that Britney’s second perfume, Fantasy, outperformed Curious. While Britney’s website estimated that 34 percent of fragrance sales came from her perfume business alone, that has yet to be confirmed by Elizabeth Arden.

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Loftus said, “When you think about the big houses like Chanel and Dior, none of them even have 20 fragrances, so it’s huge that she’s been able to sustain interest. It’s not easy to do.”

With a market filled with Lady Gagas and Madonnas, Britney’s fragrance empire does well, quite simply, because of her interest in it.

Girl even has a song about it, aptly titled, “Perfume.” The 2013 ballad resonated with fans for its lyrics on cheating.

Scenterprises’ president and CEO, Sue Phillips said, “Britney really cares about fragrance. She loves to talk about it, wear it, and even sing about it.”