Boom!Box subscription April unboxing review

Boom!Box 2016-04-08 12.49.49

Boom!Box is a bi-monthly subscription service from Espionage Cosmetics that sends out geeky makeup, nail wraps, accessories, and body care items. Their goal is to “expand your nerd universe,” and they live up to that expectation.

April’s box has the theme “Fables.” It is full of fairy tale related items for grown women. Stay tuned while I open all the goodies and give you a $5 coupon off your first box.

As seen from the box at the top of the items are packaged in a fun manner. Inside they are wrapped in tissue paper to keep everything from breaking.

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The first items I pulled out were two sets of nail wraps and an emery board. One set of nail wraps is fairy themed while the other is covered in a colorful unicorn mane pattern. Both sets have full instructions for use written on the back and require no additional adhesive. Nail wraps are included in every Boom!Box. Any woman who uses wraps on her nails knows they are a pricey item so they really add to the value of this box, and these offbeat patterns are exclusive to Espionage Cosmetics.

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Next in the box are two packs of gilded temporary tattoos that revolved around Tinkerbell. They look to be very nice quality, but I’m not a temporary tattoo wearer, so they’ll be passed along to my nieces.

There is also a sticker with the name of the service on it. While the picture on it is cute, I really don’t know what to do with it. It’s simply advertising. I’ll either pass it along to a sticker-loving kid or recycle it.

Boom!Box 2016-04-08 12.56.46

Two items that I am excited about are a jar of Rosina Leckermaul’s “Candy Cleanse” sugar scrub in strawberry & basil and the Digital Soaps unicorn soap.

The write-up in the box compares the candy scented scrub to the sweets Hansel & Gretel stole and warns you not to go after “strange, isolated candy homes.” The scrub smells delectable and has a nice texture.

The unicorn soap has a little sparkle to it and a faint scent of green apple. It glides on smoothly in the shower and doesn’t leave you looking like a stripper. Digital Soaps also included a 10% off coupon to their store in the box which is handy.

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Next in the box is a plastic tube with two types of makeup in it. One is purple “Banshee” lip serum. It’s blackberry and champagne scented gloss that goes on sheer. Next to it in the tube is a small jar of “Rumpelstiltskin” Everything shadow. It’s the color of gold-spun straw, and can be worn as eye shadow or mixed with the lip serum for a shiny mauve lip color. There is also a small plastic pot in the tube for mixing the makeup in.

Boom!Box 2016-04-08 13.00.51

Lastly in the box is a 3-pack of mermaid stationery. It’s three postcards with shimmering scales and each has a mermaid quote on it. My niece who had a birthday this past weekend is a huge fan of The Little Mermaid. I was able to use the card that had an Ariel quote on it as her birthday card. She absolutely adored it. I’m sure the other cards will come in handy over time as well.

This is an interesting box full of fun full-size items perfect for nerd culture girls. It came with a card that not only listed everything in it, but also gave a tutorial on how to use the makeup. The service costs $30 every two months, but includes treats worth at least that much.

Sign up by the end of May for the June box. Espionage Cosmetics is generously giving our readers $5 off their first box with the code HELLO5BOOM. Sign up and extend your geeky flair!