Boom!Box October Haunted subscription unboxing review

Boom!Box is a subscription service run by Espionage Cosmetics that sends geeky themed makeup and nail wraps, among other goodies, directly to your door on a bimonthly basis. Past themes have been inspired by retro video games, fairy tales and the natural world. October’s box had a Haunted theme. Let’s have a look at the spooky contents.

As always, the shipment was mailed in their custom purple box, shown above. This means immediate excitement when you open the mailbox.

Boom!Box October Haunted nail wraps

The first two items in the box were the nail wraps. Redrum is based on the carpet in the movie The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. They say they glow in the dark, but I couldn’t get them to work. Either way, just the link to the film is cool. I wore these first. They lasted as long as any other nail wrap does for me without chipping, which was around a week.

The second set was called Graveyard. It depicted a lonely cemetery against a sunset sky. These glowed in the dark too and were much easier to see. When the lights were out, little ghosts appeared above the graves. They were easy to put on and remove and again, lasted about a week.

Boom!Box October Haunted art print

Next in the box were the card that told about this month’s items, plus an art print with a quote from Supernatural. As always, the card gives hints on using the contained makeup and tells a bit about the other items. The print is really nice quality and would make a great yearly Halloween decoration or framed pic for a fan.


The next set of goodies in the box are two clip-on beaded bats with instructions. They can be clipped to scarfs, shoes, headbands or whatever else you can think of. They seem to be pretty sturdy and I can see myself using them throughout the year.

Boom!Box October Haunted makeup

Last in the package are a pair of earrings and several makeup pieces. The earrings are made by Sparks Emporium and have a blood red crystal surface that shimmers in blues and purples. Very pretty. Unfortunately, the earrings weren’t labeled as hypoallergenic, so I passed them onto my niece who was thrilled.

We hit the jackpot on the makeup this month. Usually, they send 2-3 pieces ranging from contour powders, eyeshadows and lip gloss. This month they sent two powdered eye pigments and two sheer glosses. They also sent two mixing containers because glosses and pigments can be combined to create new colors.

They sent a green eye shadow and a gold one. Both look beautiful on. The white lip gloss has an almost holographic sheen to its otherwise sheer color. I really liked it a lot. I expected the gold one to have a shimmer too, but it didn’t show very well. Three out of four isn’t bad.

On the whole, this was a great box. I’m a huge fan of Espionage Cosmetics’ makeup line and they always find fun extras to make the box that much sweeter.

If you’re interested in signing up, click here for more information.