Blogilates fitness guru Cassey Ho releases activewear collection

Need to enhance those turbo abs? Up for a thousand squat challenge? Blogilates fitness instructor Cassey Ho has you covered with her YouTube channel filled with accommodating exercise routines.

Nonetheless, that’s not enough as Cassey had teased her viewers with a new collection of activewear, inspired by ballet and peonies.

The POPFLEX Active collection, which came out on January 14, features tops, leggings, and shorts in the standard Blogilates colors of magenta and purple. The stand outs include leggings with mesh-like and criss cross details.

The peony prints on some of the clothing has been featured in Cassey’s past looks, even dating back to her popular Peony Garden Couture Yoga Mat that has been sold out.

The collection ranges from $42-$90 for each piece with VIP discounts for those who sign up.

Cassey has shared with her viewers on her YouTube page on how to start a clothing line. From her struggles with disapproving parents to a learning curve with her first clothing line, Cassey has discussed those tribulations.

The arrival of Cassey’s new collection comes after the 29-year-old fitness instructor has been featured on the cover of January/February’s Health magazine for the first time.

While it’s easy to compare each other in the fitness field, Cassey told the magazine, “You should only compare yourself with who you were yesterday and try to be stronger than that.”