BioClarity 3-step natural acne treatment

BioClarity Clear Skin System

Whether it’s weather fluctuations, extra sweets, hormones or holiday stress, acne can be an uphill battle this time of year.

When BioClarity was offered as a sample I honestly thought I’d add it to my list of ‘tried it’ solutions.

Right now, it’s top of my ‘it works’ list.

I started the treatment right along with the fall record-breaking heat wave. You know that week you had on the heat and the air conditioning. What I noticed right away was there was no cleanser residue. My face felt clean without that tight, too-dry feeling. Step 1 was a success right out of the box.

Step 2, the acne treatment was the part that made me most nervous. With combination, sensitive skin this had a high probability of going sideways. Then of course, adding makeup over an acne treatment can get tricky. The big thing is to follow the “let dry completely” instructions along with applying a very thin coat.

The final step is the restore gel. It takes away the redness and blotchiness caused by acne flair-ups. It is a bright shade of green that is a bit scary. But the effect was so soothing. And it did take away the redness.

So now, about a month later, my skin is clean, not over dry and looks pretty good to me. While it didn’t totally clear my skin, the level of breakouts was minute compared to normal.

And let me tell you, I put this product line to the test. I used it under cream, mousse, foam and mineral foundations. I did light layers and heavier layers of powder. I skipped steps, climbed into bed with makeup on – basically everything you would do normally because life happens.

And it still worked.

So why this product? They think it’s their formula and I am going to agree. What makes this different is the combination of salicylic acid – which I find much less irritating than benzoyl peroxide in general – and natural products like cucumber, oats and their plant-derived Floralux (step 3) which is a naturally derived compound made from Chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants).

Plus, on top of clearer, fresher looking skin for my combination/sensitive skin, it works on all skin types. It is non-greasy, paraben-free, oil-free, vegan, and cruelty free (PETA certified)!

For a $29.95 monthly subscription give yourself the gift of clear skin and jump into all the holiday fun and photos with confidence. I already place my order for more, try yours today at