Best of Dr. Pimple Popper’s pussiest, graphic videos ever in high def

You thought your pimple was bad.

What is it with us not being able to turn away from disgusting puss-filled cysts getting sliced opened?

Whether we’re watching blackheads getting extracted or skin getting shaved off, Sandra Lee has made it popular with her YouTube channel and Instagram. It’s like now with the new age we can watch a goldmine of blackheads being taken out in high definition in every platform!

Here we look at the most popular Dr. Pimple Popper videos, and if you’ve seen them all, relive the dilated pores all over again with a bag of Lays on hand, in case you watch 30 videos in a row non-stop. Plus, maybe this will teach us from touching our face constantly or at least change our pillowcases every other day.

10. Your Own Coin Purse

The blackhead is out. Now what?

9. The Invisible Disc

That’s considered a blackhead?!

8. Blackhead Goldmine

We love hearing that this guy has been married to his wife for 70 years!

7. Baby Got Back Blackheads!

Those are some stubborn blackheads to squeeze out.

6. Mrs. Gold

In the sequel to #8, this is his wife’s blackhead push story.

5. The Mother of Blackheads

Wow. Can’t believe there was more and more and more.

4. Earful of Blackheads

“You can smuggle diamonds!”

3. Milia Medley

The fact that these appear near the eyes makes us cringe a bit.

2. Plantar Warts

The fact that Dr. Pimple Popper’s kids are squirming makes it…adorable? By the way, the shaving part is so fascinating.

2. Sponge Out

So many questions like what’s going to happen to that lipoma at the end?

Anyone else itching to wash their faces? Are you one to enjoy watching these videos, or do you turn away?