‘Believe in Yourself’ Project to come to New York

The “Believe in Yourself” Project, started by UsTrendy founder, Sam Sisakhti, will host its first event in New York this May.

Sisakhti started the non-profit to build self confidence and positive body image amongst underprivledged girls. The charity donates new, on-trend dresses to disadvantaged girls who cannot afford such dresses. The young entrepreneur and philanthropist tells FashionWeek, “It feels really good to hear the girls say that they now have the confidence to go to their first school dance or see the excitement on their face as they pick out a brand new dress. We are trying to help these girls feel good about themselves and have the confidence to pursue their dreams.”


Believe in Yourself Project
Photo courtesy of Sam Sisakhti

Sisakhti launched the charity over a year ago and has since hosted giving events in cities across the U.S., resulting in the donation of thousands of dresses. Sisakhti says, “Believe in Yourself is part of a broader initiative.  We are currently in talks with various influential women who at one time or another have struggled with body image, encouraging them to serve as speakers and mentors to the girls within the program. We are in the process of setting up mentoring programs around the country.”

Believe in You
Photo courtesy of Sam Sisakhti