Beaumoji: A dream come true for beauty lovers

l'oreal's beaumoji

Beauty lovers rejoice! L’Oreal USA finally made public the biggest and baddest keyboard in the history of beauty. Beaumoji, the keyboard with 130 cool and in-style emojis, will inspire and amplify conversations in the beauty industry.

Additionally, L’Oreal announced that it would be having an emoji design contest in search of the best Beaumoji. Three winners will be flown to New York City for one day and given a VIP ticket to the Beautycon Festival in October. There, their awesome Beaumoji will be revealed. To enter, create your own Beaumoji and submit it using the hashtag #BeaumojiContest.

Futhermore, according to, Rachel Weiss, the Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at L’Oreal USA said that with this launch, she hopes the conversation surrounding beauty will continue to grow.

“We know the online conversation around beauty is huge and continuing to spike along with the shorthand language of emojis,” she explained. “We saw an opportunity to provide expressions and tools for our beauty community that reflect the daily conversations we see happening.”

Beaumoji is now available for free in the iOS and Android app stores.