B!B Nexus subscription June unboxing review

B!B Nexus

B!B Nexus is a monthly subscription service from Espionage Cosmetics. The first week of every month, they mail out two new nail wrap designs with a geeky theme. This month’s theme was ‘Formulaic.’ The designs were smart and funky.

The Nexus package was mailed in the black bubble mailer seen above. It has the company logo so you immediately know what you’re pulling out of your mailbox, and the packs of nail strips arrived without a single bend or crease.

B!B Nexus

The first nail wrap was titled Chemistry, with the tagline “More than Periodically Awesome.” They are covered in orange boxes with the elements from the periodic table. They also glow in the dark, which adds a layer of fun to the more serious subject matter.

The second set of wraps was titled Euler’s Formula and they’re just that. They look like the formula scribbled on a chalkboard. Again, these strips glow in the dark adding an element of amusement.

To use these strips, follow the instructions on the back, or look at the video instructions attached to the bottom of this review. They’re really simple to apply. Though they claim to last two weeks, with top coat they remain in good shape closer to one. This seems to be the norm for most nail wraps that I’ve tried. Maybe I just work them harder than some with my daily typing and cooking. The strips remove just as easily as they go on, but you’ll really have to scrub the adhesive from your nails afterwards. I guess that’s good because it keeps the wraps from peeling off during the week.

Give B!B Nexus a try by clicking here. More affordable than other nail services, they charge $15 for two new nerdy nail art designs. Shipping is free.

I love the wraps from Espionage. I have a decent sized collection of them going right now because I also subscribe to their cosmetic and accessory Boom!Box subscription. See my review for that box service here. Their nail polish strips are an excellent way to look both smart and sexy and add a bit of joy to your day.

Nail wrap tutorial: