Babies being given names like Nike, Dior and Zara after popular fashion labels


One day, your child may sit next to a little boy named “Nike.”

Fashion companies have been influencing more than just style lately. People are naming their children after the brands. Names like Cartier, Dior and Fendi have been on the rise of popularity for both boys and girls.

While society is used to hearing about celebrities naming their children bizarre names, like Sunday Molly, this is a little different. Gone are the days where names like Jennifer and John were popular.

The Social Security Administration reported 754 female births with the name Zara in 2014. It’s possible this just coincidentally happened at the same time as the fashion brand rose in popularity, but probably not.

Naming children after fashion labels isn’t necessarily a new trend. In 1991, there were 676 births with the name Chanel. Since then, it has decreased slightly in popularity with only 448 girls given the name in 2014. Another one is Armani, which accounted for 570 male births in 2014.

Even though this is becoming more common, it’s highly unlikely that Nike will become the next William.