Avocado oil might be the best kept secret in your lip products!

These lippie products might be the hit of the summer!

Courtesy of Winky Lux

While lip products have predominately had some kind of oil (e.g. Jojoba oil) to keep that matte pout from drying out your lips, avocado oil is about to take center stage.

We all know that avocados in general are the good healthy fats necessary in our diets. However, incorporating avocado oil in your foods specifically helps prevent diabetes and obesity.

Now, avocado oil isn’t necessarily new to the beauty industry, but a brand has managed to infuse 12 percent of that healthy oil in its lip products.

Depending on the position of the oil on the ingredient list, it’s pretty remarkable, considering brands that pimp out avocado oil tend to list the ingredient near the bottom of the list.

Last year, Winky Lux introduced avocado oil with its sister brand, Laqa & Co, in its Avo Lip Butters ($16). Comprised of that high dosage of oil, the highly-pigmented lip sticks is described as having a “whipped formula.”

This year, Winky Lux launched a line of seriously cute lip glosses ($13 each) with alluring packaging. With ice cream cones all over the tube, it’s the perfect summer staple in your purse without melting away.

And that’s not even the best part, the lip glosses taste like vanilla, so grab ahold of the red “Shortcake” shade or the purple “Whoopie Pie” shade before they’re out of stock like a certain lip kit we all know.