Apple and Android support finally to hit Ford cars

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Ford’s original dashboard just wasn’t cutting it. In 2016 Ford models, the models did not have Apple CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto so they weren’t an option in the models. Each model had its own particular way of communication with smartphones. They weren’t very simple to use.

Ford has talked of the plan to implement Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, but now the plans are finally coming to life, but with the 2017 line-up. All 2017 models out of the box with Sync 3 infotainment platform will have both platforms while owners of 2016 models will be able to upgrade later in the year.

The 2017 Ford Escape will be the first vehicle for sale this spring with both platforms. Ford is also enhancing its applink platform. Applink will now be able to access data directly. Three apps are coming to take advantage of this feature, one major app is AAA.

These platforms along with SYNC allow customers to bring their smartphone technology they are accustomed to into a vehicle without hassle.