Animal rights activists wearing gas masks take on London Fashion Week

animal rights activists

In nothing but gas masks, underwear and nipple tape, three animal rights activists protested the use of fur in London Fashion Week.

On Feb. 19, PETA members stood outside the starting location of London Fashion Week holding signs that side “Fur is Toxic.” With one protest already having been staged, there will be more to come from the activists.

Although some designers have given up using fur on their designs, most still do and don’t plan on stopping. The chief executive of the International Fur Federation, Mark Oaten told The Telegraph, “We’re expecting a cracking week in London. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see fur on at least 80% of the catwalks.”

The back and forth fight between animal rights groups and the fashion world has been going on for ages. Just as one group gains ground in their agenda, the other catches up. “There is nothing stylish or creative about fur,” Elisa Allen, PETA’s associate director, told The Telegraph.

Confirmed fur-free designers such as Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Tommy Hilfiger and Betsey Johnson have proven that one can be successful and humane with their fashion.

“PETA is urging kind people to choose fur-free clothing for the sake of their own health and animal welfare,” Allen said, according to PETA UK.