American Eagle is Steadily Firing Back at Competitors

Image from @DontAskWhyNY Instagram account

Back in 2006, mini denim skirts, tees with brands plastered on them and leggings were all the rage and American Eagle was at the center of the trends.

However, just last year the brand has seen their net revenue decline to 1% and comparable sales decreased 5%. The company has also been closing stores. But last fall the brand did a little revamping with a new and what seems to be improved idea: clothing with no sizes, but a one-size-fits-all approach.

This new brand, called Don’t Ask Why, offers crop tops, loose dresses, high-waisted bottoms and slouchy sweaters in muted, solid colors.

American Eagle opened a pop-up store in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, which is conveniently close to one of its competitors Brandy Melville.

While looking at the Don’t Ask Why line, some may say that it is practically identical to Brandy Melville’s cool, calm and slouchy fun style, but American Eagle global brand president Chad Kessler told Racked it’s not.

“We’re looking around at everybody. You could say it has a Brandy vibe to it, but a lot of these styles are available at many retailers, not just one. Brands and trends come and go, and we are really trying to make this a reflection of how girls are dressing now.”