5 hand creams to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day!

We even included ways to surprise her.

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Whether your mom tirelessly washes the dishes or she works with her hands a lot on her latest pottery hobby, there’s no doubt she needs to keep her hands immaculate.

As any mom would tell you, there’s not enough hours in the day. And there sure isn’t time to pamper herself, but this Mother’s Day, we went the extra mile to look for hand creams suited for her.

The practical gift can be thrown in her purse or the car, and you can’t deny the power of a good hand cream.

Ranging from no-fuss ones to luxurious ones, there’s a hand cream for every set of hands this Mother’s Day.

We even make suggestions as to how to surprise your mother with the hand cream, so she doesn’t balk at the absurdity of needing the beauty product. (“Can’t I just use lotion?”)

From strategic placements on the bathroom counter to the nightstand on her side of the bed, it makes all the difference in how you present it this Sunday.

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