5 easy ways to avoid the freshman 15!

What are these green leaves?

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I was prepared for the notorious “freshman 15” when I started college. I just assumed it was inevitable. But then when I came home every other weekend, my weight remained steady.

This coming from a college girl, who ate at Taco Bell and Wienerschnitzel regularly after a 5 o’clock dinner time in the dining hall. Heck, I even balked at my college crush who ate a pile of egg whites every morning.

In hindsight, I realized what I did right in eating and workout habits. This had never even occurred to me until my college life was over.

Here are 5 easy ways to avoid the freshman 15 from a former broke college girl who made the best of what she had. And trust me, you don’t have to eat a pile of egg whites to avoid that freshman 15.

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