5 different lip products for every burger-eating occasion

We take burger-eating very seriously around here.

Who will win: the burger or the lipstick?
Courtesy of Telunjuk.com
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Sometimes, I crave a cheeseburger from In-N-Out. Sometimes, I crave my usual from Red Robin (I’m part of their Royalty program, don’t judge!). And then there are times, I just want to Yelp a new place to try.

Yet, one of my biggest problems, other than insatiable hunger, is which lipstick won’t leave a mark on my burger. Not because of the smudge, but you guys, it ruins the taste of the burger. Am I right?

Nevermind fall colors or the newest trends to grab on to, I just hope that the color doesn’t transfer to my Guacamole Bacon Burger. It just ruins the moment with your date when all you’re focusing on is that berry imprint on that bun.

Don’t fear, as there’s a lip shade for every burger moment in your life, from that simple chicken sandwich to that mammoth of a burger that will give you a food coma for days. As for these 5 shades transferring to your fries, that’s a different story.

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