10 ways to incorporate rose quartz in your wedding

Hopeless romantics rejoice!

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Rose quartz symbolizes love and romance, so it’s only fitting to use the crystal in this month’s wedding theme.

Unlike the more in-your-face wedding themes we’ve mentioned in the past, this understated concept is for the couple who’s drawn to soft palettes.

Think of pairing rose quartz with punches of flashy rose gold (dazzling heels!).Or, to venture a more rural color scheme, go with a robin egg blue (think ring bearers decked out in blue suits!).

If you want to stick with the stone themes, pairing rose quartz with onyx will give your wedding that contrasting edge to shake things up a bit! Remember onyx is also known to draw out negative energy!

Here are 10 ways to use rose quartz in your wedding. Depending on your budget, subtract or add in your bits of personality to make your the ensemble feel original.

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