10 beauty products you didn’t know existed at Forever 21

Stocking up on beauty goodies? Take a look at Forever 21.

Courtesy of Thania's Beauty
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Forever 21 is reliable for workout clothes you buy but never wear and Justin Bieber merchandise, but what about beauty products?

While you’re lining up to check out, you may notice clear containers filled with fun beauty goods to try.

We’re talking cute lip glosses, hydrating masks and eyebrow stencil kits, people!

The retail giant has added items you could totally stock up on if you’re living in a dorm or trying to add flair to your bathroom space.

In fact, discovering these items were dangerous. I mean, who needs a cat lint roller? I do!

From sunscreen to lip treatments, we gotta hand it to the fast-fashion store, it has everything you need to enter in a Katy Perry “California Gurls” music video contest.

For some of you, you might ask, “Why do I need a shower cap with a shark print on it?” And to you, I say, “It’s only $1.90.” Enough said.

Here’s 10 somewhat practical beauty goodies you didn’t know existed at Forever 21.

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