10 beauty items you never thought would make the summer heat bearable

Do you ever have that not-so-fresh feeling?  If you live in a humid environment and it is summertime, then yes, most of the time. And not just in your unmentionable parts that end up being overly moist. The heat wreaks havoc on the hair, face and body. Other than staying-put in a happily air-conditioned environment, there are a few ways to make yourself more comfortable.

Some beauty items are pretty obvious to keep handy—moist towelettes, sunscreen, sunburn relief spray, a good deodorant/antiperspirant, a summer-friendly moisturizer and a good face mask to clear away the grime.

However there are a few less apparent products that can go a long way to beating the heat.

Cooling wipes/menopause relief cloths

This one is a don’t knock it until you try it kind of item.  The herbal ingredients make for a relaxing and cooling effect.  There are many similar items on the market, but the ones geared toward relieving hot flashes work the best.

When you need to be cooler and dry—at least for enough time to get some good photos taken, there is nothing better than this type of product.  If you want a laugh—offer them to a man in your life. Using them on men proves to be entertaining. You can hand a sweaty companion one of these, perhaps be vague, but most will want to know what it is anyway. Some will have trouble reconciling the fact that they just used menopausal hot flash relief wipes, but if they remain cool and dry while on camera, then their complaints won’t hold up.  However, these items are so comforting that you may not want to share them.

Burt’s Bee’s Lip Shimmer

Burt’s Bees has so many natural and good lip products, but their Lip Shimmers come in a variety of colors, and have both the properties of a lipbalm and a good lipstick. They are cooling and look beautiful.


Witch Hazel Pads

After a day in the city, one’s skin may have enough grunge to resemble a used ashtray.  However, with one swipe of some old school witch hazel, either in pre-soaked pads (which are the most convenient), or just pouring some a cotton ball or a washcloth, your skin is instantly refreshed.


Ammens powder—no more chaffing

The best advice ever given when it comes to living in a humid city is befriend baby powder.  Now there is some controversy about that now due to the link to talc and ovarian cancer, so for the time being, avoid using it on your private parts.  Putting some on the back of your neck is heavenly. Sprinkling it in your clothes and all over your body is not only drying and cooling, but it can put an end to the painful problem of summer chaffing. Ouch.

Freebie hack—oil removing blotting paper

There are many versions of blotting paper on the market, and all do a pretty good job, but this is a case of why spend extra money when you can make it for free? Just take a paper toilet seat cover—no need to be greedy—one should last you a month, cut it up into squares and voilà, instant facial oil blotters.

Rose water

I have never found a beauty product that is fail-proof when it comes to setting makeup in a humid environment.  This may not exist, but there is a possible temporary fix for this Holy Grail of summer beauty—rose water.  A few quick spritzes of rose water will cool and tighten and may leave your skin prepped enough to make it into the office without all your makeup melting off your face while in transit.

Deodorant wipes

These handy little pads can be a gentle way to keep clean and free from your own ripe body odor while you are still a few hours away from a shower.  Some varieties are scented, while others are more natural. Deodorize in good health.

Bag Balm

OK, granted that the actual, intended use for this product may be a little gross.  Bag Balm is used to keep cows’ teats from chapping.  Now that we got that out of the way, there is no better product to keep a human’s skin from cracking.  Put a little of this on your feet before bed and you will keep your heels crack free in-between pedicures.


Majorette blush by Benefit

Try as they might, some just don’t get out enough in the summer.  Majorette blush by Benefit is versatile peachy shade that mimics a healthy glow that one would get if they actually ventured out of the office more frequently.  While some people have the beach, at least you have this blush.  Cold comfort, but it does offer the illusion of a great summer life.

Cooling towels

For the environmentally conscious out there who like to reuse things, a cooling towel may be the answer to your summertime woes.  There are many varieties on the market—usually around the $10 mark. Wet and place it around your neck for instant relief.  Wet it, stick it in the freezer for an hour and feel instant relief for a longer period of time.



What’s your favorite trick to staying cool and dry in the heat? Tell us below!